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DIO Clear and Initializi​ng a 653x board

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I have been submitting a lot of questions to the forum about the PCI-6534 board, and if anyone knows of a better medium to get all of my questions answered at once, that would be appreciated, but until then...
My question is that if you run a program that starts a DIO operation and for some reason stop the program in LV before the DIO Clear VI is executed, then you can no longer use the board until you turn off LV because you get an error everytime that says that the current group is in use. Now, I would like my program to be as robust as possible so that the user does not need to know what the previous state of the board was when he starts my program, but none of the example VI's demonstrate a way to initialize t
he board so that it clears out any previous configurations or group designations. Is there a simple way to do this? Something that I could stick at the beginning of my code that clears out any previous state the board was in and then start configuring the board for the operation I need it to perform? Thank you.

The Best Answer

The easiest way to reset the device in LV, before you start your application is to use the Device It is located under the DAQ->Calibration and Configuration pallet.
I hope this helps out.