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Difference between Internal order & Profit centers

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Hello guru's
Can you please explain in detail the diffenece between Internal orders and profit centers. As i know that, profit centers are used to find out the profit of the particular cost object or task in controlling. can we use the internal order costing for the same purpose or only for the cost accumulation?
Thanks in advance!!
Yatheendra Nath

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Hi Yatheendra,
Profit Centre refers to the area of responsibility with in an organisation(in lay man's language you may consider it as company with in a company).Profit centre hierarchy reflects the internal structure of areas of responsibility within your company.
The main purpose of profit centre is to provide reports to management as per these responsibilty centres.It serves to calculate internal (plan and actual) results according to the period accounting approach. If the function area is specified for the data in the controlling components, you can also analyze results using the cost‑of‑sales approach.You can access the original postings from FI, CO, SD, MM, and so on directly to identify potential weaknesses.
Internal orders-An internal order is used to monitor parts of the costs, and under certain circumstances, the revenues of the organization.You can create an internal order to monitor the costs of a time-restricted job or the costs (and revenues, if required) for the production of activities. Internal orders can also be used for the long-term monitoring of costs.The SAP system enables you to monitor your internal orders throughout their entire life-cycle; from initial creation, through the planning and posting of all the actual costs, to the final settlement.
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