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Deletion of Scheduling Agreement and Delivery Schedule using BAPI

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Hi SAP MM Gurus,
Please assist in inquiry below:
My scenario is that I am trying to delete delivery schedules and scheduling lines using BAPIs. I have no issues when there is no GR made yet for the delivery schedules. The error arises when there are already existing Goods Receipts and Invoices for the schedule line that I wish to delete
When using the BAPIs (either BAPI_SAG_CHANGE or BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN), I set the deletion indicator to "L" and set to X all change relevant fields (i.e. DELETION_INDX). However, whenever I execute it, I get the error message 06088. The funny thing is both the Quantities and the delivered quantities that are normally populated are left blank.
For example:
Normal error for 06088:
Quantity 100.0 smaller than quantity delivered 179.0
Error using BAPI with deletion indicator:
Quantity  smaller than quantity delivered
Is this a bug of the BAPI? or am I just missing some settings?
Your immediate response is appreciated

The Best Answer

Please find the below link check the setting are correct or not
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