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Deleting a Qadminister account?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Anyone know how to delete a Qadminister account? I've forgotten a password and I'm unable to use a cluster I've set up. Is there some why to delete a Qadminister account if you don't know the password?
I can't use my cluster without the password and I can't setup a new cluster as the old one that I don't have the password for won't release the machine.
Any ideas?

The Best Answer

Yes, that's exactly right. I have had the same problem. Be sure to go into the home drive>Library>Receipts>then look for anything that says Qmaster, which shouldn't be many. This will enable you to reinstall Qmaster properly. If that doesn't work you need to go to home drive>Library>Application support>Apple Qmaster>then delete only the .plist files, no others! including the ones that have .plist and end with default, only the ones ending with .plist. Do this first, then delete the Receipt files, then reinstall and run software update.