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Dba_segments view is gone

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I'm not sure how or when this occured. This is our test server and it is a "Bi-continuous Volumne" (bcv) of the production server. (EMC Clustered environment) The bcv is a disk-level copy of the production server. Basically it copies all clustered files at the disk level and you just plug the bcv into another server and create a copy of your production server. We've had alot of issues pop up over time (and two bcv's).
The dba_segments view does not exist at all. I can do a describe on a number of other dba_ views but for some reason this view doesn't exist. How do I recreate this view and how would I check for any other missing views/tables that we may have not noticed? Thanks for any help.

The Best Answer

SQL> select owner,object_type from dba_objects
  2  where object_name = 'DBA_SEGMENTS';
OWNER                          OBJECT_TYPE
SYS                            VIEW
PUBLIC                         SYNONYM
Name                                      Null?    Type
OWNER                                              VARCHAR2(30)
SEGMENT_NAME                                       VARCHAR2(81)
PARTITION_NAME                                     VARCHAR2(30)
SEGMENT_TYPE                                       VARCHAR2(18)
TABLESPACE_NAME                                    VARCHAR2(30)
HEADER_FILE                                        NUMBER
HEADER_BLOCK                                       NUMBER
BYTES                                              NUMBER
BLOCKS                                             NUMBER
EXTENTS                                            NUMBER
INITIAL_EXTENT                                     NUMBER
NEXT_EXTENT                                        NUMBER
MIN_EXTENTS                                        NUMBER
MAX_EXTENTS                                        NUMBER
PCT_INCREASE                                       NUMBER
FREELISTS                                          NUMBER
FREELIST_GROUPS                                    NUMBER
RELATIVE_FNO                                       NUMBER
BUFFER_POOL                                        VARCHAR2(7)Did some one drop a public synonym?
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    I'm not sure how or when this occured. This is our test server and it is a "Bi-continuous Volumne" (bcv) of the production server. (EMC Clustered environment) The bcv is a disk-level copy of the production server. Basically it copies all cluster

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