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Datatable info Via Buttons

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I am using Lookout 4.5.
I have 300 buttons on my program. I want each button to reference a row of
my excel spreadsheet. I know how to set up a DataTable and I know how the
cursor member works. What I can't seem to manage (in a simple way) is.....
Button 1 moves the table cursor to Row 1
Button 2 moves the table cursor to Row 2
Button 3 moves the table cursor to Row 3

The Best Answer

Hi Otto,
It's a good trick but won't work in this case.. 'cos once you release the
PushButton, the Expression will go back to 0.. making the cursor go back
to 1 (the first row).
So, like Loren points out, "each
button needs to latch... then unlatch via a "cancel"... and/or unlatch via
"done"... etc.. etc.."
By the way, do any of you use LabVIEW as well? I have written a small VI
which will generate LKS files with such repetitive connections, incrementing
the Object numbers, etc. Comes in pretty handy at times
"otto" wrote:
Another faster possibility than the nested if statement is cursor=pb1*1+pb2*2+pb3*3+...
the easiest way to generate the expression is to use notepad, use the search
and replace command and paste the whole thing back into the editfield. Better
still use excel to generate the list. Takes about 2 mins. Just to show you...
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