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Data base apps download to pc so can hotsync to m500

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 trying to get a data base app to download to my pc. want to be able to type in put on pc ( windows 7 ultimate ). want  to use an app to catalog my library coll. Have down loaded Book Tracker; Book Bag;Books Log and Tomevault. They show in my  down load file but i am unable to open them on my pc to use the typewriter. Pretty much a novice at this.
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I am not familiar with any of those apps.  However, to do what you are describing (i.e. enter and edit data either on the handheld or on your desktop) requires an application which has both a handheld and a companion desktop application which communicate with each other.
Consider products from SplashData, such as SplashShopper.  Yeah, the name says "shopper", but it is a great list organizer, and comes with a desktop application.
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