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CS5 can not output MPE to external DV device

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
This is quite a surprise for those of us who rely on DV output.
Harm Millaard:
"An MPE card stops external monitor viewing."
"The problem is that CUDA does not currently support output
on DV devices, only full screen  second displays (DVI, DisplayPort, etc)."
" serious limitation, those who use dual monitors for editing and
a third monitor for full screen display and color grading or that use the
fire wire connection to record DV/HDV back to tape.
Some may think tape is dead, but there are numerous people around
that still like to jeep their final cut on a master tape."
"The basic problem is how to get a DV signal back over firewire for
exporting to tape or display on an external monitor and that currently is a CUDA problem."
"It must be resolved. If not, the introduction of CS5 / MPE as a game changer
can quickly turn into a game stopper.
I think (purely personal opinion)  Adobe and nVidia must correct this ASAP
Otherwise you end up with a SNAFU."

The Best Answer

J Graves wrote:
The first post about this CS5 bug was in May.  It is now Augusut and still no fix? 
Every time I'm about to place my order for CS5, I find out about another "gotcha' problem.  I'm still on CS3 and am seriously wondering whether I should continue to move forward with Premiere.
I still use an older "DPS Velocity Quattrus" system and it still leaves Premiere in the dust.  Unfortunately Harris, who bought Leitch/who bought DPS, has discontinued the product.  A software developer from Itlay is attempting to breathe life into it (, but it isn't a fully operational system.
Yes, "Firrewire" output is still a Big Deal.  There are many of us who use our editing systems as a business tool.  Going back and disabling the Mercury Engine, then re-rendering as "software only" is a waste of my time.
Come On, Adobe & Nvidia, get this fixed!
Well...i'd guess that CS5 hold it's own against a system like yours for flexibility...though if the way that card works is in your workflow "sweet spot" then I guess you're probably best served to stay with it.
If you have a system that has the juice to even run CS5, i can't imagine that running a CUDA-augmented system for Mercury is even remotely necessary for editing DV...  as far as using our systems as a business tool...I'm not sure what you're implying.  Most of us who are in the production business -in general- have moved to some form of HD some time ago, most of my peers made the move during CS2...
Are you implying the rest of us aren't professionals, even as you are lobbying for aggressive support of a consumer-oriented I/O configuration?  I hope not.
It's not a bug's a configuration that a few people don't like...but when your effects render is out on the display card, that's the way the pipe is routed.  Even HDSDI card manufacturers are finding that pulling those frames back off the display card negates some of the speed gains.
If you have a system that is qualified for it, I think you should download the demo and try it before you assess PPro CS5 any further.  You are making lots of sweeping statements about a piece of software released almost 4 years ago running on a hardware system that was discontinued 4 years ago being better than the newest software running on up-to-date hardware without understanding what its performance is really like...even without a CUDA card.
I can shut off CUDA and rip through DVCProHD like there's no tomorrow on my 3 year old dual dual core AMD...I have to believe you'll be able to -shred- DV on even an average-ish machine by today's standards.
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    This is quite a surprise for those of us who rely on DV output. Harm Millaard: "An MPE card stops external monitor viewing." "The problem is that CUDA does not currently support output on DV devices, only full screen  second displays (DVI,

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