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Crystal xi app terminates with no errors

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I've installed Crystal XI Professional on a Windows 2003 R2 SP1 server.  I am migrating reports from Crystal Reports 8.5 to Crystal XI on this server.  I only have Crystal XI installed on the server, though.  When I first attempted to open the reports the detail screen of the reports came up, but when I attempted to preview the reports the app closed with no errors.  I have very few reports that were visible without being rebuilt.  So this is what I've done to determine the problem:
1.  I rebuilt a report from scratch in XI.  The report had 3 subreports in it.  Still not able to preview.
2.  I applied Service Packs 1-4 and 2 hot fixes to the app.  Now I was able to preview the main report and one very simple subreport.  If I tried previewing the other 2 subreports the app would close.  If I tried navigating to the subreport within the main report by paging over the app closed once it got to the page containing the subreport.
3.  I separated the subreport and began to dissect it one piece at a time to see where it could be failing.  I didn't get anywhere closer to the answer this way.
4.  I created the subreport from scratch one field, etc. at a time.  I first added a field and a simple formula to report expert.  The report ran fine, and the correct data was viewable.  Then I saved.  Then I added another field and a date factor to the report expert formula, refreshed, and it was perfect.  I saved it.  Then I added 2 more fields, refreshed, perfect, so I saved.  Then I added to the report expert formula a phrase that basically says to look for this particular field if 0.00 is not in it.  The field is a number field, and this is how it is set up on the report in 8.5.  After I added this and refreshed, the application closed.  I didn't save the report before I refreshed it, so that portion wasn't saved with the report when it crashed.  I reopened the report after the app closed on me, but I couldn't view the preview section just the detail section.  The app continued to close each time I clicked on preview.  This was the same report I was just previewing.  This is what I discovered...
5.  I was able bring up the details section of the report, just not able to preview it without the app closing.  So, I deleted all the fields and started from scratch again.  This time I saved & closed the app between each change.  What I discovered is that once I save and close the app, I am not able to view the report in the preview section.  The app closes each time. 
Since I've applied all Service Packs and fixes, I'm not sure what else to do.  I know this is lengthy, but I wanted you to fully understand what was going on.  Please help, if you can.

The Best Answer

Please provide the following information:
1)Did you manually un-install and then install Crystal reports again.
If no,then please try that first.
To manually un-install remove CR from Add and Remove and then remove the keys(if any) from the registry editor which are related to CR.
2)Are you able to open/create and preview the reports on any other machine except this one.
If yes, then would suggest you to copy all the set-up files from that machine to this machine and then try again to preview the reports.
3)What are the other softwares/packages instaleed on this machine.I mean any .Net dev environment kind of thing.
4)Are you able to preview the reports properly on the machine where 8.5 was installed(in CR 8.5).If not tried then could you please try to install CR XI on this machine and check.