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CRS required for HA Cluster.

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Hello Everyone,
I would like every one's expert opinion on a new set up which we are building. Currently we are having two T4 Solaris Servers. Each Server is hosting 4 databases. We have bought two new T5 Solaris Servers. We plan to do the following setup.
1) Create zone cluster with Solaris HA Packages. Each Server will be acting as a failover Server for the other Server.
2) We have installed Standalone GI on both the Servers. The ASM Disks are shared from both the nodes. Every database has its own Oracle home
3) After migrating the database on these new servers we are able to move the database from one server to another. To do this we have to stop the database and dismount its corresponding DISK GROUP and the mount the DISKGROUP from other node and start the database from there. Upto this activity everythin seems fine and working.
4) Now what we did was a manual fail over. To automate this some Sun Solaris HA packages are available which will not only move the Oracle Home ( RDBMS ) from one node to other but will also move the DISKGROUPS from one node to other at the time of failover. All these resources(Oracle Home and Diskgroups ) will be added in a resource group.
5) The problem which are facing is these HA packages require CRS service. But CRS is not available in Standalone GI.
6) We are intending to reconfigure the GRID with CRS using the CRS installation. Note ( We dont intend to use RAC )
7)  CRS will be installed on each node and both will act as a different Infrastructure. They wont be communicating to each other.
8) Our Concern is just by installing the CRS will it incur additional licence or is it considered as a One node RAC.
9) We are not reinstalling the Oracle RDBMS with One Node RAC option. It is normal single instance RDBMS home.
10) At a time my database will be running on only one Node.
Kindly give your expert opinions and advices.

The Best Answer

Below is a link regarding OID Clustering -
OCA (Oracle Certificate Authority) is Oracle Application Server's Certificate Authority used to manage digital certificates. You can generate/sign/issue certificate(s) from OCA.
If you're planning to use digital certificates, then you would also need to use 'Oracle Wallet Manager (OWM)' to store certificates.
Below are some links regarding OCA and OWM -
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