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CRM Email Header - From Address

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
How do I update the CRM Email header "From Address" with the individual names of our Call Center Agents?

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Hi Micheal,
It is by design BUG-OM 537040. In Exchange 2013 for a Read Receipt Response on the P2 header's From Address it just has the User Alias it doesn't have the Complete Email Address, but on previous versions it is not the case it has the complete email address.
When this Response from external address is sent and if it goes through an External Anti-spam like postini,messagelabs,ironport etc., since  it doesn't find the complete address it adds @domain.invalid and processes the message further so the Recipient
of the message will have the Sender address showing as
[email protected] and also it will say so and so mail not authorized.
please refer the below link  for your reference
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