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Creative Zen - video converter issues

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I've been trying to convert AVIs and MKVs to view on my Creative Zen and keep running into a problem.
No matter what settings I seem to use on any video converter, my player refuses to play the resulting WMV.
I am encoding to as close as possible to the required specifications, making sure no bitrate, frame rate, or resolution is too high for the player, but nothing seems to want to play.
Exactly what settings are required to convert a file to work on a Creative Zen?
I know the Creative Video Converter works, but the time taken to convert each file is far too long.

The Best Answer

Hi there:
No worries!
Here I would like to offer you my opinions.
First, we should have a basic information of Creative Zen. In terms of its formats supported, it generally supports AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG-, MPEG-2 and MP4. But there are still some users feeback that it can not perfectly accept AVI. Okay, based on my own experience using video converters, I am sure that Moyea Video Converter got via Google can definitely help solve the problem.
Step one: free download Moyea Video Converter and install it.
Step two: load AVI and MKV files to this program, select output format as "Creative Zen-Zen Player Video (.*WMV)" from pull-down menu of Format, and then locate the destination folder.
Step three:expand "Settings" button to enter the Profile section, in which you can easily modify resolution, Codec, size,sample rate, channels, and audio streams. (If you just want keep the original settings, you can skip this Step and directly continue Step four.)
Step four:click "Convert" button on the main interface to begin with the conversion.
Step four: Once the conversion above is completed, you can drag or put the converted files to ur Creative Zen or other portable devices for playback or entertainment.
By the way, Moyea Video Converter is much easier and faster to operate. Moreover, it applies Dolby TrueHD audio technology, which can enhance the output audio effects.
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