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Copy/Paste Apple Forum Sign In P/W does not Paste

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Is there some security phenomenon that will not allow me to copy and paste my PW into the slot/space for Password
when I try and signin to Apple forums. The allocated space where I would normally paste my PW does not show anything
being pasted,, and I have also used Paste in the menu area , and even tried dragging my PW into this area, to no avail.
Of course, I can type it in manually,, however, my PW is strong,, and generated, and find it very arduous to type in.
Perhaps a 10.7 feature?

The Best Answer

Stoker wrote:
I do not see, however, the option when signing in on Apple support community, the "Remember Me"option, before signing in or after. I can't seem to see any box that is availble or option to do that.
Whoops, sorry, I was thinking of another forum I go to. You actually go Safari > Preferences > AutoFill and check the box for remember name and passwords. It will then ask you each site you log onto after that if you would like it to remember the password.