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Copy all three OSs onto a new hard drive.

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Hello current I have a macbook pro and am splitting the hard drive between osX, windows, and ubuntu. My 500gb hard drive has been out of space for a while (have to delete stuff every time I want to install something new) and so I bought a new 1tb hard drive. (One of those hybrid sdd with 8 gb sdd inside if it matters.)
So anyway how can I keep all three of my os's without starting over? (But each partition needs to be bigger.) I know mac has a good backup and I think that should work, but I am not sure about the entire process. I am guessing I would need to install osx then bootcamp (and windows) and the ubunut onto the bootcamp partition? And is there a way to backup ubuntu to a hard drive and restore it? I know windows has some sort of backup but isn't that just for restore points?
Or is there a better way entirely?
I have an idea on how it will all work, but I really want to make sure I am not missing something (as my data is important to me) and am not 100% sure if this is the best way to go about it.
Thanks so much for your time!

The Best Answer

Study the differences between a normal disk and the Momentus XT. Partitioning for example is not really without worries when both partitions must be bootable and I doubt if 3 partitions with bootable OS's will work at all.
But when you use a Virtualizer it will work perfectly well, because the VM is just a large file.
Even with one OS there are differences, see threads here. But in general the XT is much faster when using one OS.