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Convincing a SQL Servery guy on Advantages of using Packages

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Our Database Version:10g Release 2
To implement a functionality, i had to create 5 functions and four procedures(one being error logging proc). For modularity reason, I wanted all these functions and procedures to be in one single package. But my manager(which happens to be a SQL Server guy) wants these functions and procedures to be created individually. Who is right? Me or Him? If i am right, how can i convince this man that i am right?
A question for any ex-SQL Server developers if present in this forum:
I don't know anything about SQL Server Development. Don't these guys have an equivalent to packages?

The Best Answer

Certain things can be be best acchieved with packages.
Thus, package initialization may be useful, in order not to repeatedly execute the same stuff on each function call.
And you may have also objects that persist at package level.
Plus, encapsulation may help the ones who have to use the package not to bother with lots of procs and/or functions that are in the package body.
It is good to group in packages related functions and procs, that are most likely to be called by the same session for certain processing.
It is not good to group in packages functons and/or procs that are unrelated.
So, you may have a package for processing customers. But it would'nt be good to place in the same package functions and/or procedures that deal with inventory, for instance...
Convince your manager to leave the technical guys deal with technical issues or have him read some Oracle documentation, which will show that Oracle differs from SQL Server in several respects.
Or, why would they have packeges, if they were no good?
There are lots of Oracle-supplied packages in the SYS schema.
If he insists packages are no good, then he also has to say that Oracle DB is bull____