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Converting excel formulas to javascripts

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Hello, I am not experience in Excel formulas and creating "if" statements in Adobe Acrobat, so I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have two problems.
1.  Here is an excel formula that I need to convert over to javascripts. Can someone help with this?
2.  Here is the second one,
In addition to these two formulas I need help with, the owner of the forms does not want the numbers to round up. Is there a way to get the exact answer and not rounding the numbers up in javascript?
Thanks for your assistance.
I have Adobe Acrobat X.

The Best Answer

Hi George, on the first script
var Q13 = +getField("Q13").value;
  event.value = Q13 > 0 ? Q13, "";
It comes up with a SyntaxError: missing : in conditional express 2: at line 3
Do you know what that means and how to correct?