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Converting a flat file to IDOC

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Greetings to All,
I have a requirement where i need to convert an IDOC (flat) file to IDOC.
the idoc is SHPMNT04.Presently i am trying to implement it using FCC at the sender side as the flat file is fixed length type.
Can any one suggest me a better method like using XSLT or Java mapping which could make my work smarter as i am Finding it very difficult to count and write the FCC for the IDOC which is have more than 60 segments.
Any help will be greatly admired.

The Best Answer

I am still having a doubt if this method will work on real time scenario.I mean i have to pick files
from an 3rd party FTP location (polling and picking as and when i get a file starting with say
ABC*.txt).Added to this there will be issue related to the volume of file(1000 per day),will that create
any performance issues.
It is now that you are sharing the complete scenario/ problem , just have a glance from your first post at the top & the replies, because its the problem statement that steers the discussion.
Making the files available for the Report is a seperate task. You have to develop FTP-to-File XI scenario (or regular ftp process to send files across, which normally will not be allowed in XI server), I dont see any other way, if any, I 'assume' that it might complicate the situation.
Performance - it is not something to do with your scenario alone, but the overall system load, configuration etc. (b.t.w 1000 is normal)
Can we schedule a job for running the report periodically?
Yes, scehdule a batch job calling this Report (with necessary variants) with required frequency or exact time (if there is any agreement with sender)
I have started a POC
I appreciate that, best way at this moment. you can reverse engineer from the errors to configure your scenario. for any reason,if you think it does not work, you can always stop and/or look for different solution.
need your help
- Definitely I will share my thoughts, if time permits
how will i get the flat file xml(IDOC) in the source side
do you mean the source structure, you can use the same structure as your target.
once you are convinced with your solution approach, then it is better to close this thread & start a new one with new issues, for more views & suggestions and better readability.
@Rajesh - I appreciate your efforts to solve the issue , but the below is not correct & possible, w.r.t this issue
Here what you need is to do configure File Sender CC with NFS protocol.
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    Greetings to All, I have a requirement where i need to convert an IDOC (flat) file to IDOC. the idoc is SHPMNT04.Presently i am trying to implement it using FCC at the sender side as the flat file is fixed length type. Can any one suggest me a better

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