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Contact serius problem in Mountain Lion

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Dear frends,
I had a serius problem in Mountain Lion contacts:
All my contacts are on iCloud and when I istalled Mountain lion on my iMac and Macbookpro, in the contacts app many iCloud cards apperiar with ony the name and all the contact details are blank. On the iPhone, iPad and iCloud on web the same contact are all ok (I can see all the contact details). So I think is a probem of contact visualization.
I tried to active and deactive the icloud contacts, but no change.
In the genius they tried to open a new user and activte  icloud contacts, but nothig changes.
Anybody have some solution?
Thank in advance!!

The Best Answer

I also have exactly the same problem as FiddleMonster.
I get no audio from my firewire audio interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP) upon installing Mountain Lion on my iMac (Summer 2009) today. As FiddleMonster said, so far, no firewire audio is coming out. Tried to restart, plug cable off and then on again... Not working.