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Constant Correlation

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have been trying to figure out the reasons why my BPM is not working.
I am using constant as correlation in my BPM. When I configured the CC s I kept the polling interval for input files at 60 seconds and as a reult many instances were triggered. I saw that in SXMB_MONI.
Now, I changed few of my objects and triggered again. Continuosly it's going to the queues and also am unable to even see the workflow using SXMB_MONI_BPE.
I read that only one instance of the BPM should be running when we use constant as correlation. So is that the reason why my scenario is working. I have many instances triggered and so do I have to delete them all using SWWL so that it would work. Right now I dont have access to SWWL and have asked for that authorization.
Can someone provide few inputs regarding this
Harish Babu

The Best Answer

Last few days, I have been posting many questions about this interface which is very complex and in fact none in my office has got a clue on how to do it. I even thought of mailing you as one of my colleagues mailed you  three days ago and got a reply. I guess it was about FCC
Well, this is my scenario
It's a file to file scenario. I need to read three input files from the source. I need to generate only one output file. The three input files are Header, Container and Container Item. I have to read two values, say A and B from Header and go to the Container file. Then I have to pick the values C and D from the Container file. These vales, C and D, should correspond to the values of A and B. A and B also appear in the Container file. Now with all these values, I have to go to the Container Item file and read the values E and F, which correspond to the previous set of already read values.
The values E and F should be sent to the target file. This is the scene !
And my design is
I use BPM to collect the three messages and using transformation merge the files. I sent the merged file to Interface mapping which takes care of the mapping logic using UDFs. Then it is send asynchronously to the receiver.
I guess the UDF is working,  am not 100% sure. But BPM is not
In fact when I triggered it first, I was able to go to the BPM and in the graphical , I could see green till merge. But since my poll interval was only 60 seconds many instances were triggered and now am not even able to see the workflow items using SXMB_MONI_BPE.
Harish Babu