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Connecting laptop to television as a monitor.

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I have a laptop (macbook pro) with a broken screen (ouch!) I can still see a bit of the desktop but it will soon be useless. Is it possible to connect my laptop to my TV and use it as a monitor? If so will the computer use the full screen and will it be reasonably good quality. I think I can do this with cables but would this be possible using blue tooth. I like to watch movies on my machine and it would be great if I could acomplish this wirelessly with decent quality. Any thoughts out there.
Thanks in advance.

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Thank You for your input.
I have been looking at some adaptors on the apple site and think I may have found the appropriate one. However, My TV is a Mitsubishi 52 inch. It says HD 1080 series but is several years old and do not know if it is really HD. As far as screen size/fit etc. There are some suggestions on the adaptor info. that suggest some tweaking is possible especially if watching streaming content and "supposedly" it works fine. I guess i will have to bite the bullit and buy the adaptor and test it out. Many Thanks to all who have made suggestions.
I will keep you posted on how it works!