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Computer Overheated, CQ61 Laptop, Now "Hard Disk Not Exist"

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i reset BIOS, I've held the power down for 30sec while the battery is out. I dont know how to re-seat the hard drive. Is that my only option left? If so I cant find a video on how, just dissassemble videos. Anyway, can i scrap the hard drive and buy a new one, or are some sort of connectors plugged, fried, or ruined and I need to get an entirely new laptop?
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I think the chances are pretty high that it will work with a new hdd. I truly hope so. A retail hdd such as >HERE will work.It should be easy to replace. The original may have a plastic piece on the pins that plug in which you will remove to put on the pins of replacement. Just examine the new hdd pins and old hdd to see if there is a plastic adapter on pins.If so wiggle it till it pulls off and place it on the pins of new one.
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