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Computer crashes on SharePoint explorer view

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
One of our customers has connected a SharePoint document library as network drive to manage his documents. since a while his computer crashes nearly every time he uses this view.
We tried everything descriped in the Whitepaper "Understanding and Troubleshouting SharePoint Explorer View but nothing helped.
Our onsite support made a complete new installation to his computer, but nothing changed. He uses Windows XP (SP3) and Office 2007 (no SP). The same problem occurenced by using Office 2003.
I have no ideas any more...please help.
Thank you very much

The Best Answer

This issue can be a difficult one to troubleshoot via the forums.  One suggestion I would have is if the user has no business need for office 2003 since he has office 2007 is to remove Office 2003.  Also apply SP2 for office 2007.  Verify if the user can get to explorer view through the SharePoint Site.
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