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how do i set up my company email if i dont know the incoming server, outgoing server, etc? where would i get that stuff?

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The best source of information for setting up your company mail is your company IT person, or the person responsible for managing your company server. They can provide the server aliases for mail, and also user or account specific authorization information, security, etc.
That said, you may be able to determine the incoming and outgoing server settings by opening mail from/to your company in your mail application and viewing FULL HEADERS to see the named servers handling mail for your company. There will usually be two by convention: for incoming IMAP/POP for outgoing SMTP
Authorization schemes and security will be hit-or-miss without specific IT input, but you might give it a try since you know you user name, and hopefully your password.
Please let us know if this helps -- and importantly, if it doesn't. We'll do our best to help.
Regards from Austin, Michael