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Company email access denied to iphone users due to security issues, help!

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I am interested in purchasing an iphone but my company said they won't allow access to our company email with the iphone due to security issues. Any one else heard of that? Is there some way for me to forward my company email to the account I would set up under the itunes? It seems there are a lot of unhappy people out there with these phones, are there any happy users out there? It seems like such a cool device and I want one but don't want to get stuck with something I can't use or that I am going to have problems with.

The Best Answer

Of course there are happy users.
These discussions are like a hospital for Mac products with nothing but problems reported here. If you based a decision on purchasing an Apple product, any product on these discussions, you would never purchase any. Coming to the conclusion here that there are no happy users and the iPhone is nothing but problems would be like visiting a local hospital in your area full of patients (all are) and coming to the conclusion that everyone in your community must be sick and/or dying.
What type of email account - POP, IMAP or Exchange through an Exchange Server?
Accessing an email account on an iPhone is no different than accessing the account with a computer. Funny that your company claims the iPhone has security issues and prevents access but certainly allows PCs running Windows to access company email accounts? Sorry but this is my biggest laugh of the day - not at you but at your company. Your company has loads of security issues and concerns with any version of Windows accessing their network than they would ever come close to with an iPhone accessing the incoming mail server to download messages.
If your company allows for email account forwarding, you can do so.