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Cluster Server required?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Our production EP 7 (2004s) configuration is as follows.
4 Swap Drives of 5GB each
OS - 2003 Server standard edition SP1 on C Drive (12GB)
EP instance installed on a separate netapps drive (40GB)
There are 2000+ users that will use the system. Only the ESS component will go live on the live date. Is there a requirement for a cluster server? Will there be an issue  on performance?
Any advice would be highly appreciated,
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The Best Answer

You should only place the ear file on the admin server. The managed servers download a copy from the admin server as they deploy it. Make sure (in the admin console) that the application (and the web apps and ejbs within it) are marked for deployment
          on the managed servers...
          Ming wrote:
          > When I installed identical copies of an *.ear file in each
          > of two servers in cluster (WLS 6.0sp2), and try to update the
          > file in the one server which co-locates with admin server host
          > different ports), the other server also showed message
          > indicating undeployment EJBs inside the application, and then
          > failed. Is the physical copy in this second server still used? Does it actually
          > retrieve the new copy in another server in memory?
          > Thanks,
          > - Ming
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