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I would like to be able to close a course on a button click but 'Close Course' is not an action option. Does anybody have any ideas. I know they could click the red 'x' to close the window but I would also like to put it behind a 'Close' button. Thx.

The Best Answer

Hi there
This one should be pretty easy to accomplish. But please note it will not be reliable by any means.
Configure the project so it closes when it finishes. (Edit > Preferences... > Project > Start and End).
Insert a slide at the end of the project that is timed to play for perhaps .1 seconds.
Insert your Button object and configure it to jump to the last slide.
Copy and paste as needed.
In practice, user clicks the button and it jumps to the last slide. Last slide plays ever so briefly and the project ends. The end action says to close the project so if it can close, it will.
The caveat here is that closing the window is often problmatic. There is no surefire solution. Too many variables in the mix. Things like how the window was opened to begin with, the browser being used. Perhaps even the VERSION of the browser being used. Etc.
Cheers... Rick
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