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Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Hi Guys,
We have made a client copy of the back-end system of SRM (SRM 5.0). Only the back-end and not SRM has been copied.
After replication all the master- and customizing data again to SRM from the 'new' back-end I have found an issue with updating the suppliers.
It seems that I can not remove old business partners from SRM with BUPA_TEST_DELETE if these are used already in SC's. However the new copy of the back-end system has completely different suppliers we need to use in SRM. This causes for an inconsistency with the supplier numbers, as we want to keep the R/3 numbers in SRM.
Does anyone has a good idea how to proceed? That is, how can I remove the business partners (suppliers) in SRM which were used before the client copy of R/3, so that I will be able to completely get all the relevant 'new' vendors from the R/3 system after the client copy.
When I execute BUPA_TEST_DELETE it will end up in error saying the suppliers can not be removed. Do I need to archive all the old documents (SC & PO) before I can remove all vendors in SRM, or is there a way to force the removal of all the business partners from before the back-end client copy?

The Best Answer

I already figured out how to solve the issue.
For anyone who wants to know how to:
-First clear the vendor groups in the vendor hierarchy; do not renove the root node
-Then run BBPGETVD which will get you the new vendors from the back-end; for me only role LF for suppliers.
-Then run BBPUPDVD which will update all the fields for the old business partner numbers in SRM which were used in documents, and replicated from the old back-end system.
In my case I had to play a litlebit with the setting 'only creditors', to update BP numbers which were not suppliers in the new back-end.
After performing these steps everything should be fine.
So it's perfectly possible to make a client copy of only the back-end system without copying SRM (in the classic scenario that is).
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