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Check the program version..

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi All.
I must compare object versions of DEV with PRD.
The number of object is about 150 including programs, tables and etc.
I only want to know that the Request number for the activated version between two systems is same or not.
How to do it?
If you have a program or a SQL, give to me.. please...
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards.
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The Best Answer

hi kim ,
u hav a version management for the object in versions --version management .
now open transaction se03 transport organizer tools .
give the request number of the same in ur DEV server.
now open se03 in SE03 in PRD server.
giv the request no in here and check it .
this will give u teh match whether activated version is same or not.
u can use SE01 also , but se03 is user friendly.
second alternative is
goto table E071 and execute .
in here u giv the object name in the select options this will giv u all the include objects /dependent objects which is present .
so u can compare the same with PRD and DEV.
also check tables E070 etc ..