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Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a basic (AKA Free) program that will let me print directly to my DVD's? I have an Epson R1800 that can print directly on CD]s but I can't find any program that will work with MAC.
Thanks in advance

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The problem is that it get's a little more complicated then that. I live in Japan and bought the Japanese version of the R-1800 which is called the PX-G5000. It's really the same machine. However, what I'm looking for is the english version of PrintCD from Epson. It used to be a free download and that is what I did on my Win machine before and it worked great. However, now I can't find a copy on the Epson site to download for Mac... I can find it for WIN, but not for Mac. That's why I'm now looking for an alternative.
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