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CD/DVD drive not recognized on my HP laptop

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Hi all, Sorry to post yet another thread on the issue but I've tried just about everything that I've read up on I think.  I have a HP Pavilion DV6809wm, running Vista 32 bit.  I go into Device Manager and there is no Optical drive listed.  I have removed the drive itself, rebooted and reinserted the drive and to no avail.  I looked for lower and upper filters in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} but did not have any to delete.  I also tried running Microsoft Fix-it on my computer and all it could tell me was there was no drive found.  I searched for drivers for my optical drive (HP AD-7560A) but could not install them because there is no drive.  I am up to date on my Windows updates and even uninstalled all of my Sims 3 packs because I thought an update to that was causing a conflict or something.  I found and deleted a SecuRom (?) folder in my registry that someone posted should be deleted that games sometimes install to prevent burning or something, I can't remember.  Still no optical drive.  I'm sure it's a software issue because sometimes (rarely) it does work briefly but then goes unresponsive.  I found that when I manually remove the drive and insert it, it tends to at least open and close but is still not listed in device manager.  I have thought about buying a new drive but am not sure if that will even fix the issue.  Please, any insight would be appreciated at this point!

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im having the same problem with a computer i was given to fix. i still cannot get it to function.. it is completely unresponsive when windows is loaded.. doesnt even eject as if there wasnt any power to the drive.. when i restart the computer i do get power to the drive while bios is loading and i am able to open the tray with the eject button but as soon as the windows logo appears  it becomes completely dead as if there is no power.. i have booted to windows without the drive inserted and then insert the drive and i am able to get the drive to eject via the eject button but it does not read any discs..
i have tried booting to the OS disc but when i get to the boot menu the only option available is the internal HD.. all settings are correct in bios to boot to the internal drive but never gives me that option..
I know the dvd drive functions as i tried it in another laptop and it works fine..
I would like some insight on this as well.. im just starting to believe there is something wrong with it internally on the motherboard or somehing..
I have also tried booting to an external dvd drive and no luck there either
I have also updated the bios hoping that would solve the problem but that did not help either.. i have tried the registry trick as well and no luck.. even besides that the drive should boot from bios regardless if something is screwy in the os
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    Hi all, Sorry to post yet another thread on the issue but I've tried just about everything that I've read up on I think.  I have a HP Pavilion DV6809wm, running Vista 32 bit.  I go into Device Manager and there is no Optical drive listed.  I have rem

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