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CC for Teams, not listing all Creative Cloud Applications

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So here is my problem
Our company has just upgraded to Creative Cloud for Teams, but when I went to install the software on everyone's machines, I noticed that we were missing certain CC apps.
I also have a Standard CC license for my personal use to compare this to. Please see the attachment to show what our CC for Teams Application Manager Shows for availability.
As you can see I am missing: Edge Code CC, Edge Inspect CC & Edge Reflow CC
I also have quite a few CS6 apps still listed where there should be CC ones: Premeire Pro CS6, AfterEffects CS6, Prelude CS6 and Speedgrade CS6.
Any help would be appreciated!

The Best Answer

Hello BEA Marcom
I would suggest that you removed the old Adobe Applications manager. Please see the following Solutions 1 & 2 in this doc
Then after that is complete click here to download the updated Creative Cloud application manager and install the software.
You should be able to see the missing Creative Cloud apps that you are looking for
Please let us know if this resolves your or not. Could you please take a moment to come back to this discussion and mark the "Correct" if the issue is resolved.  Doing this  greatly benefits your fellow users.
Scott V