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Canon FS 100 and FCP4.5

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I'm teaching Media arts with a lab full of emacs running fcp 4.5, and am going to get some upgraded computers in about another year, but for now I have an opportunity to get some camcorders that capture to a memory card. I would love to get rid of the mini dv tapes. The cameras are FS100 by canon. Will they work as well as the camcorders that use the firewire ports? Can I just use a card reader to capture the video using FCP or do I have to use some other software?

The Best Answer

Well, I googled and googled and cannot for the life of me find out what format that camera records. 640x480 on SD cards is all I can find. FCP 4.5 is VERY old, and this camera is pretty new. Older versions of FCP really cannot work with newer cameras. FCP 4.5 can only capture from TAPED formats...not tapeless. As tapeless hadn't been invented when FCP 4.5 was out.
But I wish I knew what format it shot.