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Cannot sync checked playlists to iphone??

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checked playlists are not syncing to iphone

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Copy your folder "iphoto library" to a save place. Click on the name and rename it, for example "iphoto Library2". When you start iphoto the next time, let iphoto create a new library, then add some photos in iphoto, create an album and try to sync.
I found another suggestion here:
When you tell iTunes to sync your iPod with your iPhoto Library, it creates a folder called "iPod Photo Cache" at >User>Pictures>iPhoto Library, which depending on the size of your iPhoto library, or how many pics you want to sync with iTunes, it can be huge! (1,600+ pics created a 1Gb+ folder).
The solution is obvious: just delete that folder and let these applications create a new one next time you instruct iTunes to sync your photos. To be sure, next time you open iTunes after you throw away that folder, uncheck the iPhoto option, close iTunes, make sure the folder is gone, and then, when you open iTunes again with your iPod connected, check it again having made sure that the pesky folder is not there and iTunes (or iPhoto, who knows) will create a fresh one.
(Thanks to estusal)
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