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Cannot send email from my Touch (connection to smtp server fails)

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have a new iPod Touch with 1.1.4 and the January apps. I am having a problem setting the Mail application.
I am trying to connect to the IMAP/SMTP servers at my university. I am using the exact same settings and passwords I use on my laptop, which works fine. I can receive email fine on my Touch, but every time I try to send one it fails tellings me "the connection to the outgoing server failed".
If I on purpose write a wrong password for the outgoing mail, the error message I get is different ("check the account settings for the outgoing server").
The university IT people confirmed my settings, and told me that there is nothing blocking any handheld device from using the server.
Does anyone know why this would happen?

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Thank you very much for your responses
1) the link to mail setup is (sorry, it's quite long) [email protected]&ViewLink=true&SkipHeader=false&printformat=true
2) I am indeed using SSL, as instructed by IT
3) I do use port 587 instead of 25 (25 does not work either)
Any ideas? Thanks again.