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Cannot send email from bigpond account when using overseas telco network

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I am sure this question has been asked and answered before but I cannot find a definitive answer on this forum I am on the Telstra network locally but when I travel to Malaysia I use a local SIM card with data, as the rates are much cheaper than anything Telstra can matchI find I can receive emails on my bigpond email account but cannot send. Can someone from Telstra publish something in this forum or on the general Telstra help pages on what settings to use exactly so that you can send and receive emails from your bigpond account while using another network overseas. I have tried changing the outgoing mail server account to the local network provider's but I am still unable to send Thanks

The Best Answer

Hi Mazzi,
When travelling overseas you can access your BigPond mailbox through an email program, or via the BigPond Webmail or If you choose to use an email program, some settings will need to be adjusted, as mentioned below.
While there are no 'perfect' settings which will work every time and from every country, it may as simple as adjusting the Authentication on the outgoing mail server.
If you are accessing the internet via another Internet Service Provider (ISP), but want to send email through our outgoing mail server using your BigPond email address, then you must activate SMTP authentication. For the purposes of this, think of an 'SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server' as the outbound mail server.
Make sure that you have adjusted the outgoing port settings as listed below, or configure your mail client so that it uses the service provider's SMTP server, with SMTP Authentication disabled. If you are uncertain on what this is, you can usually search for this online, or alternatively contact the service provider that is providing your internet access.
If you are uncertain which mail platform you are on, you can confirm this by logging in here.
The complete list of email settings (including IMAP for accounts) can be found here.
Should you require immediate assistance while overseas, our BigPond Technical Support Team are available 24 hours, 7 days a week via Live Chat