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Cannot restore ipod and other issues.

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If someone can solve my ipod issues, you will totally make my birthday. Here's the deal. Sometimes when I connect my Ipod to my computer, it sees it as a just a removable disk drive. When that happens, Itunes tells me that my ipod is corrupt. When it tells me I should restore, it then tells me error 1418. I followed the steps on the post on here about that error code and it doesn't work. However, sometimes my computer recognizes my ipod, a message will pop up from memory card manager saying failed ot locate supported file types or there are no photos found on this device. Then my ipod will sync in itunes and start copying files. It says it's copying (which in actuality it's not copying anything or i might get a song or two to copy to my ipod) but then it stops and a message pops up saying, The ipod "Mike's ipod" cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found. I just don't know what to even try anymore. I've looked at so many posts and still nothing works. Please if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it so much!!!

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Ok, there seems to be a problem... I've now been running Disk First Aid Erase on my iPod for an hour and a half. So far the blue bar showing progress seems to be stuck on about 5mm in...
Btw... there's been 2 people w probs posting here (I couldn't find the link to make a new post and joined this as it had similar probs)- the original guy has sorted his problem. Mine revolves around an iPod that showed up corrupted when I plugged into my Mac after not using the iPod for a couple of months.
iTunes can't restore it - error sign... As it also now shows up unrecognizable when I plug it into my Mac but with a "you can intialize" possibility I'm trying that as suggested. That takes me to Disk First Aid where pod erase seems to be stuck....
Hope somebody out there can help... thanks!