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Cannot reset default home page IE7

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
X61S  Vista SP1 IE7 Norton 360 1.0
Cannot change default home page.  Default page is garbage URL I entered by mistake
So when I start IE7 it throws an error "Can't find this" and then works fine thereafter.
If I change default to "about:blank" it is ok for the IE7 session but does not persist.  The next time I start IE7, it is back to the garbage URL  http://http//
Norton chat cannot tell me if Norton 360 is blocking my attempt to reset the home page.  It is not a problem of redirection of the home page.
Haven't been able to find string http://http// anywhere.
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You're welcome.
As far as a performance comparison goes, if there is one I have absolutely no idea. I will say this much; in my experience the ThinkVantage Technologies are good and they work, [can of worms just opened], I particularily like Access Connections.
If you are new to them then read up on them in Access Help or in the web, you will find masses of differing opinions.
Andy  ______________________________________
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