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Cannot import pictures for my albums?

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I have recently purchased the lovely iPod Touch and I would therefore like to download the pictures for my music. However, when I attempt this, I am told that the program was unable to download the pictures for some albums. I attempted to get pictures for a little over 500 songs and iTunes was unable to download 344 of them...
How can this be?
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The Best Answer

iTunes will only download covers for albums that are on sale in the store, if any of the songs aren't available in the iTunes Store you'd have to add the artwork for them manually. The automatic method also suffers from the occasional spelling quirk, for instance I recall reading that the last Radiohead album was listed (for a time at least) under Radioheads. You'll get information on both methods of adding artwork at this link: iTunes 7 for Mac - Adding artwork to songs and other items
If you can't find the album covers you want from iTunes you can get them from various other sources. I find this site is a good source of artwork: CD/Album Cover Art Search from SlothRadio.
Another place for finding suitable artwork is to go to Amazon. You can also locate artwork using Google image search and put the artist or album name. Locate the album from any of those sources, right click (or Control - click) on the image, choose "save image to the desktop" and once it's there drag it to the iTunes artwork pane. Once you've added the artwork you can either delete the original file or keep it in a folder somewhere in case you need to use it again.
If you have a scanner you can create your own artwork files by scanning the CD cover itself, this is particularly useful when you are dealing with rare recordings.
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