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Cannot debug outbound queue

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Recreate the BDOC for the BP, by running the transaction CRMM_BUPA_SEND
1. Display the BDOC in SMW01
2. Enter /h in the transaction code field
3. Press the 'retry to process message' button.
4. In the debugger - select the Settings button and 'In background task
do not process'
5. Enter F8
6. Create a new session for the outbound queue (/osmq1) there will be
an entry R3AUBUPA*** or CSA_BUPA**
7. Double-Click on this queue entry twice and choose Debug for the
8. In the debugger, set a breakpoint at statement 'CALL TRANSACTION' and then press F8.
9. At this statement double-click on the statement CALL_TRANSACTION and
change the variable CALL_TRANSACTION_MODE from N to A, press the
'change field content' button and then press F8
10. Now you will be in the R/3 System and you can see the batch input
screen for this customer and you will then be prompted for the
missing field in the BDOC.
When the field has been identified, please maintain this field in CRM
and then reprocess the error BDOC.

The Best Answer

Hi Stephen,
The user is a dialog user. Moreover, I have manually put an external breakpoint where it calls the function module CRM_UPLOAD_TRIGGER and debug the application when I go click on save in transaction BP. Even when I change the value of lv_synchron in the program LSMOUTILU44 to X so that the function module does not process in the background, I still cannot enter the function module.
The error I am getting is of type E02. Some of the mandatory fields are missing. Despite removing all mandatory fields, I am getting this error.
Can anyone throw some light on this issue please.
Abdullah Ismail.
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    Recreate the BDOC for the BP, by running the transaction CRMM_BUPA_SEND 1. Display the BDOC in SMW01 2. Enter /h in the transaction code field 3. Press the 'retry to process message' button. 4. In the debugger - select the Settings button and 'In bac

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