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Can you use wifi sync with multiple libraries and multiple devices

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Hi all
Does anyone know if you can use wifi sync with 1 computer, 2 libraries and 2 devices?
I have my wife's iPhone synced to 1 library and mine to another library but on the same computer. Will wifi sync work this way or do you need iTunes to be open to the correct library for it to work? As I know you can't have 2 instances of itunes open on the same computer.
Anyway thanks for any help

The Best Answer

I have been looking more and more into this and it appears no.
You need to have iTunes running on the computer to enable it to wifi sync. You can use 2 devices on 1 library but if you don't have all the right options ticked you will then end up with each others stuff on each others device.
To enable wifi sync you need to have your iDevice connected to the same wifi network as your computer and iTunes open on that computer.
With my library open it detected my wife's phone and started to sync. Hasty push of cancel sync button lol.
There is a guide on here somewhere about multiple devices with 1 library which I can't find at the moment that tells you which options to tick so only your stuff stays on your device the the other half's on their device.
Its basically tick 'sync only ticked songs and videos' under summary of your device
Under apps take tick out of 'automatically sync new apps'
Then under edit->preferences click device and click prevent i's from syncing automatically
I think you should then be able to sync both devices to 1 library with mucking them up too much
Hopefully please correct me if I'm wrong
I have tried not doing the last step and asking it to open itunes automatically when phone is connected but this does not work with wifi sync
Have fun hopefully someone else can give us a better answer