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Can't used my iPad to make phone calls with 8.0.2

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I can't get my iPad to make calls or answer texts through my iPhone. Same network, bluetooth on both devices, same FaceTime account. I can't find wifi calling on my phone to turn it off. Handoff is working just fine with safari
any suggestions?

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Hello jllieblein,
Wi-Fi calling is only available on T-Mobile. The setting can be found in Settings -> Phone, should you have T-Mobile. Otherwise, Wi-Fi calling is off.
Make a call over Wi-Fi with iOS 8
The steps below detail how to go about setting your iPad and iPhone up to make phone calls.
Phone calls
To make and receive phone calls on your iPad or iPod touch, here's what you need:
Your iPhone and your iPad or iPod touch need to use iOS 8 or later.
Both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
Both devices must be signed in to FaceTime using the same Apple ID.
This means any iOS device that shares your Apple ID will get your phone calls. Look below for instructions on how to turn off iPhone cellular calls.
Wi-Fi Calling needs to be off.
You may also need to verify that iPhone Cellular Calls is turned on in Settings -> FaceTime.
Turn off iPhone cellular calls
To turn off iPhone Cellular Calls on a device, go to Settings > FaceTime and turn off iPhone Cellular Calls.
Connect your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using Continuity