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Can't open links in Firefox or Safari

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
In the past few months, I have lost the ability to click on some links in Safari and Firefox--all I get is a blank page.  Today I tried Internet Explorer and had no problem.  My older Mac has no problem with Safari or Firefox, but the Macbook (10.6.8) gives me a black or white blank page.  Worked with the good people at Apple for over two hours yesterday to no avail--really don't want to do a clean system install.  Any ideas?

The Best Answer

I am also having the issue where I cannot click on many links (primarily in facebook, but other sites as well). The problem only occurs sometimes, but basically I'm having to click a link upwards of 5 times before it'll actually go, if it goes at all. I like safari because of the trackpad gestures, but I'm typically a chrome user. Any idea why I'm having such difficulty clicking links in safari? Is this a recognized issue somewhere that someone else has come across?