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Can't get sound out of imac

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I am a musician and am trying to mix down some tracks off of a hard disk. I have a hard disc recorder and a mixing board that i am running into an M-audio Firewire solo. I have the signal flow going into the firewire solo and then into my mac. when i click on the system preferences and go to sound I have the fire wire solo as the input and the headphone as the output. i see good signal coming into the mac but can't seem to get any sound out of the mac. the headphne out is hte only thing I see as an output which i have selected. please help - I cant hear anything!!

The Best Answer

.. It can't be an m-audio issue when i have a great input signal could it?? ..
with my humble experience of 20 years with Macs - no, that is not neccessairly a (computer's) logic conclusion ..
as said, I just have some know-how with iM/camcorders... and we do experience some same 'effects', e.g. 'cause camcorder is import-disabled, as many Euroepan devices are ... or, we experience control over camera via firewire but no picture etc.pp.
different approach:
are you able to use your devcie with other apps, e.g. Logic, Grarageband.
it is an audio-interface, I assume, you're using in mainly for ... ehm, audio.