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Can't Get Back to My Mac

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have tried without success to get Back to My Mac working since downgrading from MobileMe to iCloud.  It can find some of the Macs on my network but not others, and it's never the same ones that get found or not found from one day to the next.  In addition, I can't connect between Macs on the LAN using Back to My Mac even though they're all signed into the same iCloud account.  I have UPnP enabled on my router and have opened the necessary ports per the troubleshooting guide on Apple's website, but nothing resolves the problems.  Does anyone have Back to My Mac working correctly with a non-Apple router?

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I use a supplied router (o2) as the DHCP server and a number of extremes in bridging mode to extend my local network. The networks at my offices all use non Apple routers,. Back to my mac works across my LAN and my WAN but doesn't seem to be able to wake sleeping macs across the WAN.
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