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Can't get Adobe login to work in Muse forum

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have Muse questions and I'm really hoping I don't have to create yet another online account. (Whatever happened to that thumbprint login technology that was supposedly being developed by somebody years ago?!!)
Do Adobe accounts not work on the Muse forum?

The Best Answer

Thanks for your response. I'm still hoping to make my current login work because I don't want to have to read through the Terms of Service of Get Satisfaction, and you never know what people are trying to sneak in these days. I'm using a Mac with Safari. What window are you logging in under? When I'm signed in to this forum, I open another window to get to the Muse forum and it asks me to login again. When I click on login, I get a window offering to let me sign in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live or an Open ID URL, or create a Get Satisfaction account. Is there another place to login with Adobe IDs? Thank you!