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Can't find solution to back up error -402653081, can anyone help?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Was trying to update and backup an iPod touch. Received an error message stating error occurred during back up -402653081. Can anyone help with this?

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susanthehuman said in
"I started removing my apps in batches (like the person above, I was unable to tell which app was in process when the backup failed). I managed to remove all non-apple apps from the device - and all apple apps that had not been in the device on delivery - and the backup still failed with the above error.
Then I power cycled it - I had done this at the beginning of the problem, with no success, but when I power cycled it after all the app removals guess what, it worked.
Sadly, by that point I had pretty much wiped everything anyway by removing the apps, so I'm basically starting over. Such is life. But at least it works, and the features are nifty."
That's probably not the ideal solution but at least it worked