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Can't download apps from ovi store

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi, i have a nokia 5530 xm
i had some corrupted music files in my music library so i made a back up-file on the computer and erased everything on the memorycard
Then i loaded all the stuff back on the memorycard. But then almost all my apps were gone, so i tried to download them again. But i can't click the 'download' button (it's dark gray, like if you've already clicked it) so i think the ovi store remembers that i have downloaded the apps before and it's like i have got them on my phone but i have checked all the installed apps and all the installation files in the application manager but they aren't there.
Anyone knows what to do about this?
// jnyberg

The Best Answer

Hi nitish7
Thank you for posting and welcome to Nokia Support Discussions! 
Can you provide us the following information to better assist you:
1. Model of your phone.
2. Are you downloading from Nokia Store on the phone or using Nokia Suite?
3. Type of connection you're using (WiFi/mobile data)
4. Any error message you're getting?
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