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Can't back up because session could not be started

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I'm having trouble with my ipad which won't back up and won't update to the new version of the software.
I've made sure my OSX is up to date and have the latest iTunes. I've also tried it on my iMac, the ususal computer and my wife's MacBook but I get exactly the same response. Any ideas out there?

The Best Answer

I have similar problem when trying to sync my iPad.
I managed to start the sync process but after towards the end of the sync process, it popped up the "session could not be started" message.
At first I ignored this issue as it appeared that nothing has gone 'wrong'.
However, the same thing happen again each time I tried to backup/sync the iPad.
My solution is deleting the device's backup from iTunes Preferences. Restart the iPad and resync.
This happened about a couple of times previously and the solution described above seemed to correct the problem.
I am using the latest iOS 4.3.2 on my iPad (1st gen).