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Can I set Approver as Requester?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
we're on srm 2.0 (soon srm 5.0) with ebp 3.5.
for a special task we need to have the approver of a shopping cart to be set as the requester, so that in the backend we have the approver in the purchaseorder or reservation.
where can i change the normal settings?
we have certain badis runnning. esp bbp_sc_change - but during approval this one is not affected. i am not sure about the others - I guess none of them is being called during approval - at least we never had to change stuff because of approval.
there are two more BADIs:
Authorization to Change During Approval
Determine Approver (Administrator)
the description of which does not seem to fit my special need.
these are the BADIs we have implemented - may be someone might guess, where we can swap approver and requester...
BBP_APPEND_ITEM                Exit while creating a shopping basket item                   
BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER           Exit for transferring catalog shopping cart                  
BBP_CREATE_REQ_BACK            Exit while creating a purchase requisition in backend system 
BBP_CREATE_RES_BACK            Exit while creating a reservation in backend system          
BBP_CUF_BADI_2                 Customer Fields. Use of Standard Table Controls              
BBP_DETERMINE_ACCT             Exit while determining G/L account for account assignment    
BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI            BAdI for Changing EBP Purchasing Documents                   
BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI             General BAdI in Cross-Check for Message Returns              
BBP_MON_SC                     Exit for Shopping Cart Monitor                               
BBP_PGRP_FIND                  Shopping Cart: Determine Responsible Purchasing Group(s)     
BBP_TARGET_OBJECTS             Exit while determining target objects in backend             
a great help might also be a hint about which abap program is being called, when the approver approves - maybe there i can find a way to catch the approver and set him as the requester...
thanx, matthias
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