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Can I have 2 iCloud accounts on an iPad?

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I want to share the use of my iPad with a family member so they can review their photo stream. I still want all of my details to be able to be synced via my iCloud account. How can I get both accounts to work on one iPad?

The Best Answer

So, before my theory, a little preamble.  If you go to and log in with a particular Apple ID, you will see in the "Name, ID and Addresses" tab that its possible to add "alternate" e-mail addresses to associate with the Apple ID
My husband, teenaged daughter and I share an iTunes account and I had difficulty with the iCloud ID stuff - after reading this piece of information, I logged on to the family iTunes account and deleted all of the alternate email addresses.  At that point, I could assign a different iCloud ID to each of our devices and still use the iMessage feature with all of our various email accounts.  A side note, we have hotmail, gmail and our business email accounts for various reasons, so we need to have them all able to be accessed on our iPhones and thru the new iMessage feature in iOS 5.  We each carry 3-4 email addresses on our phones.
This little tidbit was just the answer for me to make the iCloud and iMessage features work like a charm.
Thank you, Philip, for sharing your theory and little preamble!!!!!!!